Antique French brass bell-shaped clock set


This wonderful clock set is designed in the shape of three bells which are intricately decorated with Christian imagery and Latin inscriptions.


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The set is comprised of a mantel clock and a pair of candelabra which are also designed to serve as a thermometer and barometer.

The central clock takes the form of a large bell which is placed on four gadrooned turnip feet. The body of the clock is embossed with rinceau bands of scrolled, fruiting and flowering vines and quatrefoil profiles containing half-length figures. These are most likely Christian saints or leaders, as they are accompanied by Latin inscriptions quoting the Lord’s Prayer ‘PATER NOSTER IN COELIS’ (our father in heaven) and the blessing ‘DOMINUS VOBISCUM’ (the lord be with you) with its response ‘ET CUM SPIRITU TUO’ (and with your spirit). At the centre of the clock’s body, there is a circular dial with black Roman Numerals within white enamel cartouches. The dial is displayed behind a glass lens which is encircled by a bezel decorated with husk trails. The clock’s top is fitted with a single handle which is ornamented with stylised floral motifs.

The pair of candelabra are designed in a similar style to the clock. They feature bell-shaped bodies which are embossed with Christian imagery and Latin inscriptions. These stand on fluted turnip feet. Both candelabra feature circular white enamel faces within stylised floral bezels. The face of one, marked ‘CENTIGRADE’, functions as a thermometer, and the other is a ‘BAROMETRE ANEROIDE’ (barometer) which is inscribed with French weather readings. Each item is topped by a handle which supports three candleholders. For each, two arms are cast as the bodies of mythical creatures, possibly phoenix, and the third is formed by their entwined tails. The arms support floral drip-pans and urn-shaped capitals with foliate sconces.

Clock: Height 34cm, width 24cm, depth 24cm 
Candelabra: Height 32cm, width 21cm, depth 14cm


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
Late 19th Century
Late 19th Century
Christian, Religious
Gold, Metallic


34 cm / 13.4 inches
24 cm / 9.4 inches
24 cm / 9.4 inches


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