Antique Furniture

Mayfair Gallery's collection of antique furniture and vintage furniture incorporates some of the finest works available for sale in the world of antiques. The furniture on offer includes examples by leading historic furniture makers and designers such as Alfred Beurdeley and Francois Linke, and features works in an array of different styles, materials and techniques.

The quality of design and craftsmanship has ensured the longevity of these pieces, which retain their original beauty and function for collectors today. Our antique furniture and vintage furniture serves more than just practical necessity: each piece is a work of art, exquisite and unmatched.

To find out more about the different categories of antique furniture we offer, and to better understand the history and stories behind these works, shops that sell them and what to look for in a vintage piece, take a look at our comprehensive blog on The History of Antique Furniture.

Antique Tables

Our extensive collection of antique tables is a highlight of our antique and vintage furniture collection, and covers a large array of periods, materials, and styles, to suit large, grand, open halls and interiors, or a smaller room and space. Far from mere house accessories, the tables we have on sale are statement pieces in their own right, antique objects of beauty and iconic designs, just as at home in a modern or contemporary setting as in a nineteenth century interior.

If you're looking for a new antique centre table, coffee table, or are simply curious about antique interior design, browsing our site below is the perfect place to start.

Antique Cabinets & Case Pieces

The antique cabinets, chests, drawers, dressers, and other storage pieces we offer cover a range of styles, and materials. Products featured include luxury Louis XIV, XV, and XIV French works, later Empire pieces, English Georgian and Victorian works, even Art Deco.

Our antique, modern and vintage furniture pieces are sourced from the finest materials, be it gilt-bronze, glass, oak, kingwood, malachite, or marble. Shopping for antique furniture can be daunting, but our experienced business and dealers are always available to advise, price, and create the ideal match between our antiques and your interior and decor.

Antique Desks

No interior designer would ever consider leaving a modern room or study bereft of a suitably stylish and impressive desk. Avoid a mass-produced modern piece and opt for something a little more vintage: office furniture need not be quite so uninspired. Glass mounted, leather-inset, or rolling top, our exquisite handmade antique desks are items of jewelry and art in their own right- office furniture taken to a grander level of luxury and fashion.

Whether you are looking for a grand writing desk or a more delicate example, our collection of antique desks has the perfect piece for you.

Antique Pedestals and Stands

Our antique pedestals and stands are the ideal antiques and vintage pieces to display your prize possessions and decorative objects. From the magnificent to the decorative, works of art and even architecture, we sell a superb selection of marble, malachite, wood, oak, and gilt pedestals; all beautiful display pieces. Crafted with great technical skill, many are adorned with superb techniques such as marquetry, parquetry and gilding.

Explore this category and our beautiful vintage furniture pedestals and stands on sale.

Antique Seating

The antique furniture seating we offer includes a vast array of chairs, stools, and thrones. From Louis XV to Italian palazzo to mid century modern, Art Deco and beyond, find your ideal antique chair or sofa here, and decorate your room and house with some of the grandeur and presence of centuries past.

Browse Mayfair Gallery's collection of antique seating and find your perfect piece. 

Antique Mirrors, Screens and other Antique Furniture

Our antique furniture collection doesn't end there, we have a host of other decorative and functional objects to adorn your modern or traditional interior. From antique mirrors, screens, stained glass windows, wall-brackets, beds, fireplace accessories and even musical instruments, we have vintage pieces here for every purpose.

Browse the Mayfair Gallery collection of antique furniture below. We invite you to sign up to our Mailing List to keep up to date with our latest acquisitions, and please feel free to contact us and our dealers if you have any questions, shipping enquiries or for support specific to your personal requirements.



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