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At Mayfair Gallery, we are proud to present some of the finest pieces of furniture available for sale in the world of antiques, specialising in works by pre-eminent 19th century makers.

Furniture design has been a part of the human experience since the beginning of time, with the earliest extant home furnishings tracing as far back as the Neolithic period. Encompassing seating, storage, tables, mirrors, and beyond, antique furniture sits at the intersection between form and function; pieces are both utilitarian objects and incredible artworks in their own right.

The 19th century was a period of major upheaval across the European world. As industrialisation swept across the globe, radical changes were seen across both urban and rural landscapes, and new classes of wealthy elite emerged looking to decorate their home with refined furniture pieces. 19th century furniture design was marked by a rich tapestry of styles, that both revived the creations of the past and innovated new models. Esteemed makers continued to work in the styles of their predecessors: the elegant Neoclassicism of the Louis XVI style - notable for its use of mahogany and ormolu mounts - continued to dominate the field.  Mayfair Gallery is proud to present some of the finest 19th century works in this style, with makers like Paul Sormani, whose creations decorated the palaces of Empress Eugenie.

Alongside such models, many 19th century furniture designers aspired to combine the antique and contemporary. Inspired makers brought together aspects from contemporary trends like Neoclassicism, past movements like lavish Rococo designs, as well as emerging styles like the sinuous, ornamental Art Nouveau or the decorative Belle Époque. Pieces by the renowned French ébéniste (cabinetmaker) François Linke combined elements from traditional 18th century design with modern and extravagant adaptations, and his works are notable for their technical brilliance as well as artistic ingenuity. Find a number of his works as part of the Mayfair Gallery collection, including chairs, tables, and vitrines.

For all pieces in the Mayfair Gallery furniture collection, it is the supreme quality of design and craftsmanship that has ensured their longevity, retaining their original beauty and function for collectors today. From seating to desks, mirrors to cabinets, our antique furniture items serve more than just practical necessity: each piece is a work of art, exquisite and unmatched.

Learn more about the history of antique furniture in our blog here.



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