Antique Sèvres style porcelain and ormolu five-piece clock set

Style of Sèvres (French, founded 1738)


This porcelain clock set features charming 18th-Century style paintings of cupids and courting couples, as well fine ormolu sculpture and decoration.


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The clock set is comprised of a central mantel clock, flanked by a pair of vases (which can be made to serve as candelabra) and two candlesticks. The clock is placed on a circular ormolu (gilt bronze) base, set on two projecting feet, which are fitted with two scrolled acanthus leaf motifs. The base is decorated with an oval porcelain plaque, painted with two naked putti pulling on the harness of a stubborn goat, framed by a parcel gilt and jewelled border against a navy ground, and placed within an elaborate ormolu cartouche. This is coupled with two rectangular porcelain plaques, decorated with paintings of musical instruments and flower arrangements, which are placed within parcel gilt and jewelled frames, before navy backgrounds. Jewelled navy porcelain patera and medallions decorate the ormolu scrolls that curl outwards from the base.

Topping the base is an ormolu sculpture of a dancing female Bacchante—that is, a follower of Bacchus, the god of wine and ecstasy—accompanied by a putto. These figures stand between four navy porcelain columns, decorated with parcel gilt and jewelled decoration, and set on ormolu bases. The columns support a circular porcelain clock dial, which features a central painting of two cherubs in flight. This painting is framed by black Roman Numerals within white medallions, placed against a jewelled and parcel gilt navy ground. The porcelain dial is set within an ormolu bezel, decorated with fluting and an oak leaf wreath. A pinecone tipped staff extends outwards from the clock dial. This is draped with tasselled fabrics, which hang down between the columns to envelop the porcelain lower body of the clock, which is navy and decorated with parcel gilt latticework and foliate motifs. The clock dial is surmounted by a porcelain urn, with ormolu satyr head handles, draped with flower wreaths and swags. The urn’s navy body is decorated with a parcel gilt and jewelled stylised foliate motif and it is topped by a pointed lid, which is crowned by an ormolu finial, shaped like a cluster of grapes.

Two vases—which can also be converted into candelabra—flank the mantel clock. These are placed on square ormolu bases, mounted with parcel gilt navy porcelain plaques, and set on ormolu toupie feet. The items’ vase form bodies have been painted navy and finely parcel gilt and jewelled. They stand on splayed fluted feet, encircled by ormolu laurel wreaths at their bases and fruiting grape vines at their tops. The vases’ ovoid bodies are decorated with paintings of young courting couples within garden settings on their fronts, and riverscapes on their reverse sides. Each vase is mounted with two ormolu handles, which take the form of putti masks with foliate and scrolled flourishes. The vases feature waisted necks, decorated with parcel gilt foliate motifs, which are covered by finely parcel gilt and jewelled domed porcelain lids, crowned by ormolu grape finials. If the vases are made into candelabra, they are topped by ormolu cover. From each cover, there extends six branches, which terminate in wide drip-pans and urn-shaped capitals. The central branch is decorated with a female classical mask. 

This clock set also includes a pair of ormolu mounted porcelain candlesticks. These are painted navy and are finely parcel gilt and jewelled. They stand on circular bases, and have foliate ormolu feet, with tapered and fluted porcelain stems. Their stems are topped by leafy ormolu mounts and urn-shaped porcelain candle-holders, with ormolu sconces.

Clock: Height 60cm, width 42cm, depth 19cm
Candelabra: Height 63cm, width 24cm, depth 21cm
Candlesticks: Height 24.5cm, diameter 10cm


Artist / Maker
Style of Sèvres (French, founded 1738)
Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
Late 19th Century
Late 19th Century
Figurative Art, Floral, Neoclassical, Sèvres
Ormolu (Gilt Bronze), Porcelain
Blue, Gold, Multi-coloured, White


60 cm / 23.6 inches
42 cm / 16.5 inches
19 cm / 7.5 inches


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