Roccheggiani, Cesare (Italian, active second half 19th Century)

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Cesare Roccheggiani is famous for being a master mosaicist in late 19th Century Italy.

Roccheggiani was active at the Vatican workshops from 1856 to 1864, but sought to supplement this income by establishing his own mosaic workshop. After establishing his private atelier in Rome, Roccheggiani gained a reputation as one of the most accomplished mosaicists in the city. By this time there were as many as ninety-six mosaicists operating in Rome largely producing small plaques, miniatures and cameos for the tourist trade. The best workshops continued to produce micromosaics on a massive scale but such magnificent and costly examples remained the preserve of the wealthy and powerful. Monumental mosaics were bought as souvenirs by visiting aristocrats, given as diplomatic gifts, commissioned by monarchs and displayed at the Great Exhibitions.