Dobson & Sons (London, est. 1877)

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In 1814, Thomas Wilkinson began trading in London as a retailer of silver and jewellery. Wilkinson’s son took over the business in 1845 in partnership with Henry Holmes Dobson (b. 1798), operating under the name of Wilkinson & Dobson. The two dissolved their partnership in 1851, and Dobson continued to run the business alone under his own name. In 1877 the firm's name changed to Dobson & Sons when Thomas William Dobson (b. 1824) and Henry Holmes Dobson II (b. 1826) entered into partnership with their father. At the death of Henry Holmes Dobson II in 1886, the business was continued by Thomas William Dobson until his death in 1905. Afterwards the business was continued by Percy Holmes Dobson and Charles Westcott Dobson.

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