Guillemin, Emile Coriolan Hippolyte (French, 1841-1907)

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Émile Coriolan Hippolyte Guillemin (1841-1907), was an acclaimed 19th Century French sculptor. Working primarily in bronze, Guillemin's œuvre spanned the diverse genres of the age: from Orientalist style busts to depictions of heroic figures, historicist groups and works of decorative art. Guillemin worked in partnership with the highly prestigious Barbedienne foundry, and achieved international fame and recognition during his own lifetime.

From 1870, Guillemin frequently exhibited at the Parisian Salons where his fine sculptures were met with critical acclaim. Today, Guillemin’s sculptures are held in prestigious collections and museums across the world, where they can be recognised by their exceptional attention to detail and virtuoso polychrome decoration.