Grohé, Guillaume (French, active 1829-1884)

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Guillaume Grohé (d. 1884) was a renowned Parisian cabinetmaker, who flourished in the 19th Century.

In 1827, Guillame and his brother Jean-Michel formed the firm Grohé Frères, which they worked for from 1829 to 1881. After Jean-Michel’s retirement in 1881, Guillaume continued to run the business alone until his death. Owing to the exceptional quality of the fine furniture that the firm produced, Grohé Frères became official suppliers to members of the European aristocracy and royalty including Emperor Napoléon III and Empress Eugénie. Similarly, the French duc d’Aumale commissioned most of the furniture for the Chateau de Chantilly from the brothers.

After Jean-Michel’s retirement, Guillaume became a member of the jury for the Parisian Expositions Universelles Universal Exhibitions, leading to him becoming vice president of the 1878 Exposition.