Salmson, Jean Jules (French, 1823-1902)

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Jean Jules Salmson (1823 – 1902) was a prestigious 19th Century French sculptor, who is famous for producing bronze works of exceptionally high quality. Salmson specialised in depicting Orientalist subject matter, for which he is best known. Yet his repertoire was broad, and Salmson also cast statues of great historical figures such as Shakespeare, Rubens, Hamlet and Byron.

Salmson trained at l’École des Beaux-Arts in Paris, where he studied under the French sculptors Jules Ramey, Armand Toussaint and Auguste Dumont. From 1859 onwards, Salmson exhibited regularly at the Salon in Paris, and worked on various Parisian monuments including those at L'Opera, Les Tuileries, and Le Tribunal de Commerce.