Quistgaard, Jens Harald (Danish, 1919-2008)

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Jens Harald Quistgaard (1919 – 2008) was a prestigious Danish sculptor and designer. Quistgaard is principally known for his work at the American company Dansk Designs, where he was chief designer from 1954 until the mid-1980s.

Quistgaard initially began his career as a sculptor, with an artistic training that was grounded in traditional handicrafts. However, Quistgaard soon changed his principal focus and established a thriving career as an industrial designer. From the mid-1950s, Quistgaard’s tableware and kitchenware designs became synonymous with modern Scandinavian design and found their way into millions of homes in the USA, Europe and Japan. In 1958, Quistgaard received the Neiman Marcus Award and his works became acquired by major museums in Europe and the USA. Quistgaard’s designs are timeless, and many are still produced today.