Ovchinnikov, Pavel (Russian, 1830-1888)

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Pavel Ovchinnikov (1830-1888) was a renowned Russian jeweller, silversmith, goldsmith and enameller.

Born into a family of a serfs, Ovchinnikov grew up in the village of Otradnoe in the province of Moscow. Sent by Prince Dmitry Volkonsky to study in Moscow in 1842, Ovchinnikov's reputation for producing fine, high quality works rapidly grew and in 1851 he opened his own workshop. Here he employed almost a thousand workers, including many apprentices who flocked to Moscow to learn from the master jeweller. Ovchinnikov precious works were popular among European royalty, and he was comissioned by Tsar Alexander III of Russia and King Victor Emmanuel II of Italy among others. Ovchinnikov died in Moscow in 1888, where his work was continued by his sons.