Zwiener Jansen Successeur (French, active late 19th / early 20th Century)

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Zwiener Jansen Successeur was established in 1885 as a subsidiary of the French furniture company Maison Jansen; owned by the Dutch-born entrepreneur Jean-Henri Jansen (1854-1928).

Maison Jansen, founded in 1880, had flourished in its first five years of business and boasted a flourishing client base, which included members of the European aristocracy and Royalty. The firm regularly exhibited at international exhibitions, winning awards at both the 1883 Amsterdam Exhibition and the 1889 Exposition Universalle in Paris.

By 1885, Jean-Henri Jansen had bought some of the master models of the celebrated 19th Century furniture maker Joseph-Emmanuel Zwiener (1848- 1895), and he used the designs for the newly established Zwiener Jansen Successeur.

Zwiener Jansen Successeur quickly gained a strong reputation, producing works in a range of styles including Louis XIV, Louis XVI and Empire, predominantly as exact replicas or closely resembling works by Zwiener (who himself took inspiriation from the master furniture makers of the 18th Century).

The bronze mounts of items of furniture by Zwiener Jansen Successeur are marked 'ZJ'.