Belle Époque-style clear and purple cut-glass chandelier


Wowing with its vibrant colour, this elegant chandelier is crafted in the style popular in France at the turn of the 20th century.


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This superb chandelier is notable for its cut-glass decorative elements rendered in deep shades of purple.

The central stem is elegantly carved in a fluted design from a piece of purple-cut glass, which terminates in a clear-glass bottom bowl that is carved with geometric patterns. The chandelier comprises twelve light fixtures, separated into two tiers of alternating heights. Each rope-style branch terminates in a clear hurricane shade with a waved rim, all of which feature impressive foliate etching. Each shade sits inside a floral tiered bobeche carved from purple glass. From these hang a ring of speared pendants in various shades of purple, which beautifully catch the light once the chandelier is illuminated.

An additional decorative tier sits at the top of the chandelier, comprising numerous rope-style arms that curl downwards from the top canopy at various heights. Each arm terminates in a purple cut-glass flower, from which a tiered pendant of two purple upturned flowers cascades down, centred by a speared pendant. A similar tiered pendant also hangs from the bottom bowl.

Recalling the opulent designs of Belle Époque France, this ornate chandelier would be sure to add a touch of luxury to the appropriate interior.


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
20th Century
20th Century
Belle Époque
Cut Glass
Clear, Purple


74 cm / 29.1 inches
76 cm / 29.9 inches


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