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Detail of a Faberge style table clock

A look at perhaps the most iconic jeweller of the modern era, the beautiful, precious pieces he made, and the style of decorative arts he inspired.

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La marquise de Pompadour par Maurice Quentin de La Tour

This blog post explores the influence and importance of Madame de Pompadour, the royal mistress of King Louis XV of France.

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Ormolu mounted satyrs on neoclassical table

It’s impossible to buy European antiques without coming across ormolu. Our extensive guide unravels the mystery of this precious and beautiful material.

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19th Century commode

Our latest blog post is the second of two installments on the furniture and decorative arts of the 19th Century.

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Napoleon I's throne room at Fontainebleu

This latest blog post is the first of two installments on the turbulent and diverse furniture of the 19th Century in France.

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Boulle cabinet in Royal Collection

The man, the myth, the marquetry: our guide to the 17th Century's most enigmatic cabinetmaker, and the beautiful, opulent and intricate style of furniture he inspired. 

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Antique orientalist micromosaic plaque

When it comes to antiques, bigger is not always better. Read our guide to the 19th Century makers who specialised in the tiny, intricate and painstaking craft of micromosaics.

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The 10 best antique chandeliers

From the world's largest chandelier to the chandelier that inspired that famous scene in The Phantom of the Opera, we count down our top ten favourite chandeliers of all time.

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19th century viennese enamel cabinet

‘Enamel’ is everywhere: it lurks in the most mundane of places, yet adorns the most exceptional objects. It is ever-present but always hidden. Read our guide to find out more.

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The Adoration of the Three Kings by Girolamo da Santacroce

In our latest blog, we investigate the very best, and most extravegent examples of gift-giving throughout history.

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Sevres porcelain ship garniture set

Intrigue, espionage, war, revolution, royalty, and some of the greatest works of decorative art ever made: the incredible history of the Sevres porcelain factory.

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Fragonard's 'The Swing'

In our latest post, we delve into the curvaceous elegance of interiors, furniture, painting and sculpture in the Rococo period. 

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