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Greek antique vases

Storage vessels, flower holders, victory trophies: vases have been used in numerous varied and interesting ways throughout history. Read on to find out more.

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clock pediment palace of versailles

Telling the time wasn't always so easy... Mayfair Gallery's latest blog post takes on the fascinating history of antique clocks.

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marie antoinette bedroom versailles

In our newest guide, we take a look at antique furniture, exploring the major technological innovations, artists and styles which have shaped this fascinating history.

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chandeliers at hall of mirrors versailles

Nowadays, we can access light at the flick of a switch - but this was not always the case. This guide explores and explains the incredible history of lighting.

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Vatican St Paul statue

Sculpture has been around since the dawn of human civilisation. Mayfair Gallery's latest blog post takes on the extensive history of the very earliest form of visual art. 

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Used to communicate, decorate and excite, the history of antique paintings is as intriguing as it is varied. The second in our instalment of blogs explores this fascinating art form.

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Surtout de table centrepiece

Plates, bowls, glasses... Have you ever wondered when and where these important items were created? Read on to discover the incredible story of tableware.

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