Collection of Bohemian Persian style glass objects


This collection of Bohemian glass is beautifully decorated with white and blue overlays, enamel and parcel gilt designs, in the style of Persian Qajar period wares.


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This collection comprises of five Bohemian glass items, including one huqqa base, one jug, and three vases of almost identical design.  

The huqqa base features a bulbous lower body and a slender cylindrical neck. It is covered with a blue overlay and is cut with medallions and flowers, which are then decorated with colourful enamel flowers. The space around the cut designs is ornamented with orange C-scrolls.

The jug is composed of an ovoid body with a waisted neck, which stands on a splayed foot. It is fitted with a single looping handle, a slender spout and a pointed stopper. The jug is cut with medallions, shaped panels and floral motifs, and covered with a white overlay. It is decorated with swirling gilt patterns and enamel beads, imitating jewels.

There are three vases in the collection which are of matching design. The vases (one of which is larger than the other two) take the form of hands clasping cornucopias with frilled edges. The hands are a pinky flesh tone and feature parcel gilt white lace cuffs. They hold white cornucopias which are decorated with parcel gilt blue designs and detailed depictions of Naser al-Din Shah and Mozaffar al-Din Shah, the Qajar kings of Persia. While the glass objects were made in Bohemia, they were clearly intended for the Persian market.

Smallest object: Height 24cm, width 10cm, depth 9cm 
Largest object: Height 26cm, diameter 11cm


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
Late 19th Century
Late 19th Century
Islamic, Persian interest
Enamel, Gilt, Glass


26 cm / 10.2 inches
11 cm / 4.3 inches


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