Honoré, Edouard D. (French, fl. 1820-1855)

Edouard D. Honoré (d. 1855) was the owner of one of the major porcelain factories in 19th Century Paris.

Honoré followed his father into the porcelain business, forming a partnership with P L Dagoty in 1816. After this dissolved, Honoré continued to work independently in Paris and soon won a reputation for producing wares of exceptional quality and design. In addition to his Parisian showroom, Honoré owned a factory in Champroux and was frequently commissioned to make fine porcelain for the royals and wealthy noblemen of France. Honoré’s work was innovative, and he took out several patents for the application of high-temperature coloured grounds and for the development of lithographic techniques.

By 1846, Honoré was by far the leading producer of French tableware, much of which was specifically designed for the American market.



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