German Antiques

The list of German towns and cities that produce and design exceptional artefacts, to this day, is exhaustive. From Meissen, we find Meissen antiques, spectacular examples of porcelain born from this ordinary German town. From Berlin, there lies KPM, a renowned manufacturer of porcelain plaques, which reflect, not only German culture, but also internationally renowned images and histories. 

The German antiques collection at Mayfair Gallery boasts the finest works of German antique porcelain, silver, and painting. Featuring renowned artists and manufacturers, we offer a plethora of exceptional items for your perusal.

Highlights include the beautifully rendered porcelain plaques by KPM, otherwise known as Konigliche Porzellan-Manufaktur, the Royal porcelain factory in Berlin. Founded in Germany in the mid-18th century, KPM’s porcelain is highly sought after, their reproductions ranging from the Rococo, the Gothic, and the Orientalist - styles for collectors of all specialisms.

There is, of course, an opportunity to explore spectacular Meissen pieces, each originating from the German town by the same name. Founded following King Augustus II’s royal decree, Meissen porcelain soon became one of the foremost manufacturers globally. Meissen remains the centre for fine wares and sculptures ever to have graced the West, consistently one of the most respected names in European ceramics.

If looking to discover key German history, one can find quality instruments made by the celebrated Fredericus Beck. These stunning instruments are both works of art and musical triumphs of engineering. Moving from Germany to England in the mid-18th century, Beck is widely respected for the craft and care evident throughout his collections.

Other rarities include our extraordinary “schneeballen” vases, translating to “snowballs”, beautifully encrusted with white mayflowers which explain their unique name.

Whatever your speciality, whether you are looking for a delicate Meissen sculpture, or a larger work of antique fine art, the Mayfair Gallery German antique collection has an abundance of exceptional choice. Find your perfect piece, today.



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  1. Country Of Origin German
  2. Artist / Maker Dellevie, Hans G.
  3. Artist / Maker Norman, Johann Christoph (German, Early 19th century)
  4. Artist / Maker Völkel, Oswald
List Price
  1. Biblical 1
  2. Empire 1
  3. Neoclassical 1
  4. Religious 1
  1. Oil on Canvas 1
  2. Pewter 1
  3. Silver 1
  4. Wood 1
  1. Metallic 1
  2. Multi-coloured 1
  3. Silver 1
Country Of Origin
  1. German 3
  1. 18th Century and Earlier 1
  2. Early 19th Century 1
  3. Early 20th Century 1
Artist / Maker
  1. Meissen Porcelain Manufactory 29
  2. KPM, Konigliche Porzellan-Manufaktur 28
  3. Dresden Porcelain Manufactory 5
  4. Sitzendorf 2
  5. Volkstedt Porcelain Factory 2
  6. Bruckmann & Sohne 1
  7. Dellevie, Hans G. 1
  8. Ernst March Söhne factory 1
  9. Georg Roth & Co. 1
  10. Gerold Porzellan 1
  11. Gladenbeck, Oskar 1
  12. Herfurth, Rotger 1
  13. Hessenberg, Wilhelm C. 1
  14. Hollerschen Carlshuette Endsburg 1
  15. Julius Greiner & Sohn 1
  16. Kubel, Otto 1
  17. Kuhse, Gottwalt 1
  18. Leeke, Ferdinand 1
  19. Löffler, August 1
  20. Georg Macco 1
  21. Norman, Johann Christoph (German, Early 19th century) 1
  22. Splieth, Heinrich 1
  23. Völkel, Oswald 1
  24. WMF, Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik 1
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