Glasmalerei Geyling (Austrian, founded 1841)

Glasmalerei Geyling was a prestigious 19th Century Viennese glassworks factory, which specialised in manufacturing painted glass of an exceptionally high quality.

The origins of the firm reside in Carl Geyling (1814-1880), who was born into a long lineage of prestigious painters. The Geyling family were originally of Dutch origin, but later settled in Vienna. In 1841, Carl Geyling founded Glasmalerei Geyling, which quickly gained important commissions for numerous churches and private buildings both in Austria and across Europe. In 1843, Carl received critical acclaim for his invention of Mousselin and opaque twist glass, for which he received a medal.

Glasmalerei Geyling exhibited wares at all of the major international exhibitions of the mid-19th Century, including the 1851 Great Exhibition in London. So great was Carl Geyling’s success that the city of Vienna named a street after him. After Carl’s death, his nephew Rudolf took directorship of Glasmalerei Geyling. 



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