Italian silver and rose quartz model of an eagle by Cervone

Cervone, Luigi (Italian, active 20th Century)


Of an impressive size, this sculpture depicts an in-flight eagle on a prominent base showcasing the fine skills of 20th century Italian silversmiths.


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Crafted from a selection of high quality materials by the Italian silversmith Luigi Cervone, the large sculpture depicts a majestic eagle about to fly off its luxurious stand.

The bird of prey is wonderfully cast from silver, its wings stretched outwards and body leaning forward suggesting it is about to take off from the rock below. Cervone paid close attention to anatomical features such as feathers, claws, and beak rendering them with very fine details. Parts of the bird are gilt, accentuating them within the silver sculpture and creating a superb colour contrast. The eagle’s eyes are crafted from red glass, its vivid colouration adding to the powerful portrayal of this creature.

The eagle perches on a large piece of rose quartz, a stone believed to symbolise unconditional love. Eagles are known to mate for life, therefore the pairing of this animal with rose quartz makes the sculpture very desirable.

Supporting the whole sculpture is a gilt metal and malachite base. The vibrant, patterned malachite surface creates the appearance of a grassy ground on which the eagle rests. Malachite is said to be the stone of transformation, filling this sculpture with yet another important meaning.

On the wings, there is the ‘800’ mark indicating the purity of the silver, in addition to ‘1007_MI’ mark. This indicates the piece was crafted in Milan (MI) and crafted by Luigi Cervone whose maker’s mark is 1007.

Depicting a majestic bird of prey, one often used in Imperial coats of arms, this sculpture is an outstanding addition to one’s collection.



Artist / Maker
Cervone, Luigi (Italian, active 20th Century)
Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
c. 1970
20th Century
Animal / Animalier, Birds / Ornithology
Glass, Malachite, Rose Quartz, Silver, Silver-gilt
Gold, Green, Pink, Silver


71 cm / 28 inches
53 cm / 20.9 inches
32 cm / 12.6 inches
6092 g


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