Judaica silver, enamel and precious stone Torah crown


This Torah crown (or keter) is an exquisite piece of Jewish ceremonial art, which has been crafted from silver and decorated with an array of precious stones.


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This crown would have decorated the end of the wooden rollers containing the scrolls of the Torah, the first of five books of the Jewish Hebrew Bible. In this context, the crown symbolises the majesty and authority of the sacred text. The small size of this crown indicates that it was probably made for a personal Torah.

The Torah crown consists of a circlet, with arches that extend upwards, then dip down where they are topped by the monde. It has been crafted from silver, and decorated with enamels and precious stones.

At the crown’s base, the circlet is decorated by a band of royal blue enamel, contained within precious stone borders. The band is decorated with jewels, arranged into floral patterns. This is topped by silver jewelled and green enamel foliate forms. The removable inner band of the crown is inscribed with the Hebrew word for ‘Torah’ and is decorated with lions and red-enamelled crowns.

Above, the arches of the crown are decorated with variously coloured jewels, which are shaped like flowers. These are set against navy enamelled patterns, placed within black enamel borders.  

Topping the crown is a large deep purple amethyst cabochon. This is encircled by a zig-zagged band of diamonds, and it is surmounted by a flower-shaped diamond finial.

Crown: Height 15cm, diameter 14.5cm
Case: Height 19cm, width 18.5cm, depth 18.5cm


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
19th Century
19th Century
Jewish, Religious
Enamel, Precious Stones, Silver
Multi-coloured, Silver


15 cm / 5.9 inches
14.5 cm / 5.5 inches
770 g


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