Large antique Christian painting of the vision of St Francis


In the manner of Christian Spanish Baroque art, this fine painting depicts the vision of St Francis before the enthroned Christ and the Virgin Mary.


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This large painting depicts a Christian scene, that of the vision of St Francis before the enthroned Christ, alongside his mother the Virgin Mary.

Signed 'Foulon fecit.' (Foulon made this), it is closest in composition and style to a work by Bartolomeo Esteban Murillo, a Spanish Baroque artist, which is titled The Vision of Saint Francis in the Portiuncula, in the Museo del Prado. The present work deviates from that model - if it was used as a source of inspiration - significantly in the depiction of the secondary figures, particularly the triumphant cherubs to the lower left and upper right.

The winged cherub to the top right bears on his shield the inscription 'indulgencia plenaria pro omnibus et semper,' while Christ holds a scroll up to the Saint also saying 'indulgencia plenaria.' These terms are not standard liturgical Latin phrases, and are most likely Spanish, indicating possibly other models between Murillo's 17th century work and this. Nevertheless it is an exceptional piece, the wings of the angel in the foreground in particular exemplify the artist's technical skill and artistic talent.

Frame: height 168cm, width 125cm, depth 5cm
Canvas: height 146cm, width 113cm


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
19th Century
19th Century
Baroque, Christian, Figurative Art
Oil on Canvas


168 cm / 66.1 inches
125 cm / 49.2 inches
5 cm / 2 inches


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