Large floral Tabriz Persian wool carpet


This carpet is a prime example of excellent quality carpet work, for which the city of Tabriz is renowned.


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This large Persian carpet was meticulously handwoven in wool by the skilled artisans of Tabriz.

The carpet features intricate motifs inspired by nature and Persian architectural elements, creating a stunning tableau of beauty. The carpet’s heavy-ornamented composition is done in the Herati tradition, featuring a repeated motif of floral rosettes, enclosed centrally within a diamond flanked by Acanthus leaves on the sides. These impressive decorations are all woven in the traditional colour scheme of the Tabriz tradition, in shades of cream, red and navy blue, with lighter accents of sky blue and apricot. The combination of these colours, born from natural dyes, creates a dramatic yet harmonious visual feast.

In Persian tradition, the carpet is framed by various sequential borders featuring friezes with intricate flower motifs. The first of these borders is made in light green. That border is followed by a small frieze with flower motifs in red and blue, followed by the wider, main, frame which displays a sequence of pomegranate motifs linked by stems in blue shades.

This carpet’s lack of strong architectural rigidity allows for a rich warmth where the ornaments alone engulf the viewer’s attention, and provide infinite charm in their intricacies, making it a cosy addition to any home. Indeed, this carpet adds an element of warmth, sophistication, and timeless charm to any space it graces.


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
Early 20th Century
Early 20th Century
Persian interest


388 cm / 152.8 inches
285 cm / 112.2 inches


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