Monumental Belle Epoque style solid silver fountain


This truly magnificent fountain is notable for the towering size and high level of silverwork - a true homage to the elegance of the Belle Epoque period.


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This monumental fountain is a true masterpiece and is intricately cast from solid silver. Standing at over two and a half metres tall, the fountain is formed in three distinct sections – an upper stand from which water issues, a wide, central basin, and lower support and base.

The upper stand is surmounted by an eagle with outspread wings, taking flight from a naturalistic rock upon which it is perched. Below the eagle is a fluted, flared rim which is set all around with lion head masks which issue water from spouts set into their mouths. The fluted rim is set upon a stand of four twisted columns which are centred by a horse head and set with further lion masks and horse heads around their bases. The stand is set upon the fountain’s basin.

The basin of the fountain is formed as a broad, circular feature. The outer rim of the basin features vertical fluting and grotesque masks. The rim is mounted with upper scrolls, acanthus leaves and foliage as well as three interspersed eagles perched on small, naturalistic rocks with their wings neatly furled. The interior of the basin slopes inwards to accommodate the fountain of water, and is decorated with curved, naturalistic leaf-form ribbing. The bottom of the basin features a ribbed, downward-tapered mount.

The basin is supported by four twisted and fluted columns, which are set with shells around their bases and are joined in the centre by a circular platform. The circular platform is mounted with a small, central eagle with outspread wings and decorated all around with shell motifs set within roundels.


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
20th Century
20th Century
Belle Époque, Birds / Ornithology, Floral, Royal / Monarchy


256 cm / 100.8 inches
103 cm / 40.6 inches
130 kg


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