‘Muslims at Prayer’, antique Orientalist watercolour by Rappini

By Rappini, Vittorio (Italian, 1877-1939)


By a notable Italian artist, this sensitive watercolour rendering of Muslims at prayer is set within a beautifully elaborate interior.


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This colourful figurative watercolour skilfully renders a highly desirable subject.

The foreground of the painting is occupied by a single figure, who stands with his arms raised in prayer. To his left is a stand for his Qur’ans, as well as his removed slippers. In front of him, another figure stands with his palms facing upward in a similarly devotional stance. Beside him sit two further figures, also partaking in prayer. Each figure is dressed in a long robe of a beautiful pastel shade, and three of the four complete their recitations on an intricately patterned prayer mat. The artist effectively conveys the devotional subject by having all four figures facing away from the viewer.

The scene takes place within a richly decorated mosque interior. Friezes of Arabic inscriptions adorn the walls, and pointed archways lead to smaller chambers decorated with foliate designs. The overall natural colour palette is brightened by the touches of blue and green that adorn both the interior and the clothing of the figures.

The painting is ensconced in a giltwood frame, which is inscribed ‘Moslems at Prayer / Rappini’. The painting itself is signed ‘Rappini’ in the lower left corner. Italian artist Vittorio Rappini (1877-1939) is a painter of Orientalist scenes like this fine example in the Mayfair Gallery collection.

This highly sensitive Orientalist watercolour effectively captures the tranquil atmosphere of a mosque's interior.

Paper: Height 34cm, width 23cm
Frame: Height 53cm, width 39cm, depth 3cm


Artist / Maker
By Rappini, Vittorio (Italian, 1877-1939)
Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
Early 20th Century
Early 20th Century
Figurative Art, Islamic, Orientalist
Giltwood, Paper, Watercolour


53 cm / 20.9 inches
39 cm / 15.4 inches
3 cm / 1.2 inches


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