Orientalist oil painting of a dancing group by Devedeux

By Devedeux, Louis (1820-1874)


This colourful and vibrant painting by Louis Devedeux imagines a scene of dancing and music-making in a forest at sunset.


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Louis Devedeux's oil-on-panel painting "Danses Arabes", or Arabic Dances, is a splendid illustration of his mastery of color, movement, and cultural representation, an excellent piece in the history of French Orientalism.

An homage to Arabic traditions, this artwork conjures up a vibrant world that exudes dynamism and allure, through a dancing scene set in a forest at sunset. As the eye takes in the panel, it's instantly drawn to the swirling symphony of color and movement at its centre.

A duo of young women is depicted dancing, adorned in traditional attire and jewelry. They are caught in a mid-twirl, their long hair draping down their figures. Devedeux showcases their costumes with a magnificent display of hues: vivid oranges, deep blues, white, and accents of gold. These colors seem to ignite the painting, mirroring the fiery passion and spirit of the dancers. Their loose garments and flowing scarves make use of small regular brushstrokes to create a sense of kinetic energy, evoking the feeling of the dance unfolding in real time.

The two female figures are surrounded by a group of other characters who sit and watch them. Four female figures in similar garments rest and play instruments to one side while several men in traditional Arabic costumes observe the enchanting scene. 

The figures themselves are depicted with a skillful balance of abstraction and realism. Their faces, while individualistic, are not overly detailed, allowing the viewer to focus more on their fluid gestures and the overall spectacle of the dance.

In contrast to the dancers' vibrant display, Devedeux portrays both the onlooker figures and the forest background using wider, dry brushstrokes and muted earth tones, to achieve a whimsical atmosphere. He employs a shade of warm light blue to set the scene at sunset. At the same time, that contrast serves to thrust the dancers into the forefront, accentuating their energy and vibrancy.

The painting is signed 'L-Devedeux' on the lower left and is set within a beautifully carved giltwood frame, exhibiting intricate Rococo-style decorations, which also features an artist dedication label.

This is a high-quality representation of the vibrant orientalist genre paintings which earned Devedeux a reputation amongst names like Paul Delaroche and Alexandre Descamps, under whom he studied. Its presence on a wall adds whimsy, charm, and elegance.

Frame: height 55cm, width 77cm, depth 6cm
Panel: height 37cm, width 60cm, depth 0.5cm


Artist / Maker
By Devedeux, Louis (1820-1874)
Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
19th Century
19th Century
Giltwood, Oil on Panel
Gold, Multi-coloured


55 cm / 21.7 inches
77 cm / 30.3 inches
6 cm / 2.4 inches


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