Persian Qom woollen runner carpet


This Qom carpet’s design takes inspiration from the Persian ‘tree of life’ tradition, fashioning it into a landscape in natural hues.


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This carpet or runner was handwoven in wool in the Qom region of Iran, internationally known for exquisite carpet making.

The carpet’s central panel displays a beautiful and unconventional design. Modelled after the traditional tree of life composition, an ancient Persian motif that associates vivacious tress with the preservation of life and peace, this central panel displays four different trees, in a structure resembling a landscape. Each tree differs from the others in its design and detailing, being modelled on the stylised designs typical of Persian rugs, and they feature impressively detailed foliage and flower motifs.

The trees are surrounded all around by various other adorations that are typical of the tree of life arrest, such as animals, like birds and deer, foliage, and various flowers in styles like the ones in the trees. All these elements are designed in natural shades of red, beige, cream, green and deep blue, providing a striking contrast to the peaceful cerulean background in the panel.

The central panel is framed by a rectangular border all around which consists of a symmetrical composition of five frieze patterns. The largest one, set against a background of ruby red, displays traditional flower stylized motifs, like botehs and rosettes, which are carefully arranged in sequential fashion, and mirror the colour scheme of the other flowers in the carpet. Short, cream-coloured frills adorn the sides of the carpet to opposite ends.

The carpet’s design and elongated shape would make it an ideal solution to bring warmth and decoration to a hallway or corridor, or any other appropriate interior space.


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
20th Century
20th Century
Persian interest


203 cm / 79.9 inches
74 cm / 29.1 inches


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