This category incorporates all of those antiques related to the Jewish tradition, rather than referring to a singular specific Jewish style.

Within the demarcation of this style falls the category of Judaica, a collection of objects of traditional Jewish ceremonial art. Objects of Judaica traditionally include Hannukiah or Menorah lamps, mezuzah or bessamim, as well as Torah shields and many other items of religious, cultural and artistic significance. In particular, Jewish artisans are renowned for the fine quality of their metalwork, and pieces crafted in silver are especially sought after by collectors.

Among the Jewish makers, it is important to highlight the work of the renowned Bezalel School. The Bezalel School prodcued works that combined religious themes, such as Old Testament Biblical scenes, with the western artistic movements of the late 19th Century, such as Art Nouveau and Symbolism. The School covered a wide range of decorative arts, from carpets, tiling and painting to traditional craftsmanship of precious metals, such as filigree jewellery. Under the Ottoman and British period, this Palestinian school continued using traditional Persian and Syrian artistic techniques and motifs. The school continues to operate today, and remains the centre of production for extremely fine Jewish decorative and fine arts.