Transitional style ormolu and marquetry antique side table


Crafted in the 19th Century in France, this elegant table contains four drawers and a pull-out writing shelf, concealed behind beautiful marquetry panels.


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This fine piece of antique furniture is comprised of a table top, which is supported on a rectangular body, decorated with marquetry panels, and raised up on four slender cabriole legs, terminating in hoofed feet. The table has an oak carcass, which has been veneered in mahogany and finished with marquetry designs composed of a variety of woods, including boxwood, satinwood, tulipwood, kingwood, and more.

The four feet of the piece have been crafted in ormolu to form stylised hoofs with floral shins. A slim ormolu band extends away from each of the feet, up the legs as they bow first inwards then out, to end in an elaborate strapwork mount. Directly above each of these, on the upper corners of the piece, are a further ormolu feature, which takes the form of a crinkled bow, with trailing oak leaves and roses, or perhaps pinecones.

Multi-wood marquetry compositions decorate the four sides of the table's rectangular body; each panel is finished with a geometric border. The front piece depicts a scene with classical ruins in the right-hand foreground, and more modern buildings in the background on the left. A river runs through the composition, with an island and bridge at its centre. A man on horseback crosses this patch of land. The scene is beautifully detailed, with different coloured woods used, for instance, to articulate the various leafy sections of the trees. This front panel can be opened to reveal four drawers behind.

On the sides of the piece, there are two panels which depict a decorative central motif. This is formed by a piece of hanging fabric, which is tied with flowers and quivers full of arrows, upon which a pair of doves rest. This scene is created from light coloured woods, set against a dark brown ground. On the right side, a slim draw can be pulled out to form a writing desk. The back panel depicts an amphora vase, which is filled with flowers. This vase is intricately decorated with leaf forms, fabric swags, and geometric twin handles.

The top of the piece features a highly detailed marquetry composition. This consists of a central cluster of musical instruments, with violas, guitars, drums, tambourines, trumpets, lyres and sheets of music all laid on top of one another. This central motif is set against a subtle foliate backdrop, and is enclosed within a frame. Each of the frame's four corners enclose a stylised leaf, as do two circular medallions, centrally positioned above and below the border. The frame is edged by a string of flowers, and the top of the desk is contained to the back and sides within a pierced ormolu railing.


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
19th Century
19th Century
Landscape, Transitional
Boxwood, Hardwood, Kingwood, Mahogany, Oak, Satinwood, Tulipwood, Wood
Brown, Gold


79.5 cm / 31.1 inches
40 cm / 15.7 inches
31.5 cm / 12.2 inches


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