Two silver gilt and cloisonné enamel Russian eggs


These antique Russian eggs, crafted from silver gilt and resplendent with cloisonné enamel motifs, showcase Imperial Russia’s decorative traditions.


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This pair of antique Russian eggs, handcrafted from silver gilt and adorned with meticulously detailed cloisonné enamel, bear the unmistakable mark of the nation's rich tradition of jewelled eggs. The floral arabesque designs enveloping each egg are nothing short of masterful, their vibrant blue hues dominant among a spectrum of radiant colours. 

Fashioned from quality standard silver, as denoted by the coveted '84' zolotnik mark, each egg gleams with an enticing lustre, their inside showing the warm hue of the silver gilt. Their surfaces are painstakingly embossed, adding a sense of depth and dynamism to the myriad of colours on display. 

The floral arabesques in enamel, characteristic of Russian artistry, twist and wind their way across the egg's surface in an elegant dance, each enamel outline meticulously filled with various hues, creating an intricate tableau. The arabeques are fashioned in a patterned circular band around the egss, with round, flower-like motifs standing out in the eggs’ body. The vivid blues of the enamel steal the show - the different shades, from azure to navy, are pierced by vivid ruby red detailing, with creates a striking combination.

Rooted in a deep-seated cultural tradition, these Russian eggs hearken back to the splendour and extravagance of the Tsars' courts, where jewelled eggs were often showcased as symbols of wealth and power. However, these eggs offer more than a nod to the past. They represent the culmination of an art form, blending tradition with artisan skill to create objects of enduring beauty. 

In the delicate play of light on their gilt surfaces and in the intricate dance of the cloisonné enamel arabesque patterns, these antique Russian eggs speak to a tradition steeped in both aesthetic brilliance and historical significance. They are not merely objects of beauty, but tangible links to a past where art and tradition were indelibly intertwined.


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
20th Century
20th Century
Russian Interest
Enamel - Cloisonné, Silver


7 cm / 2.8 inches
5 cm / 2 inches


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