Antique hand-embroidered silk suzani textile, Tashkent, Uzbekistan


Handmade in the capital of Uzbekistan, this vibrant suzani is the fruit of collaborative work and an important part of a Central Asian wedding ceremony.


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Hand-embroidered on a silk textile, this beautiful suzani was made in the late 19th century Tashkent in Uzbekistan.

The textile is hand-embroidered with numerous large, vivid red medallions arranged in a multitude of ways. The centre of the suzani is occupied by a large red circle surrounded by a symmetrical border of leaf-shaped embroidery. The symmetrical pattern is framed in a thin dark yellow border, a design which is repeated in the central rectangle. Surrounding the central design are four larger red circles in each corner, among smaller shapes and other geometrical and symmetrical floral motifs.

Surrounding this bold design is a large border made up of identical vibrant red, cream, and black medallions arranged next to each other. The simplicity of the red circles beautifully matches the complexity and artistic creativity of the smaller blue, yellow, cream, and black patterns hand-embroidered throughout the surface of the textile.

The word suzani derives from Frasi and means ‘of the needle’. The large, embroidered textile panels originate from nomadic tribes in Central Asian countries such as Uzbekistan. Suzanis were used to cover belongings within a yurt but also formed a fundamental part of the bride’s dowry. They were usually made by women in a collaborative process, as each person hand-embroidered a part of the suzani. Once all were completed, the pieces were sewn together, consequently, often the patterns do not perfectly align.

Made by communities of women, this superb suzani textile carries important historical meaning and would make an exquisite addition to one’s interior as, for example, a wall hanging.


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
Late 19th Century
Late 19th Century
Floral, Islamic
Silk, Textile
Black, Blue, Red, Yellow


216 cm / 85 inches
166 cm / 65.4 inches


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