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Malachite, gilt and silvered bronze clock set after Pradier

After Pradier, James (French, 1790-1852)| Susse Frères (French, active 1839-1970s)

This exquisite clock set features beautiful Neoclassical style sculptures, based on designs by the 19th-Century French artist James Pradier.

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Mayfair Gallery operates at the heart of the international antiques trade, dealing in a diverse range of 19th century furnishings and artworks. Since opening in 1975, the gallery has held an integral position in both the domestic and global antiques markets, a status that it continues to enjoy.

Mayfair Gallery prioritises quality above all else, meaning that each work in the collection is selected with expert care and precision. By combining firm knowledge of the contemporary antiques trade with keen aesthetic sensitivity, the gallery presents its customers with only the finest works.

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