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Antique Gifts

In today’s world, we have no shortage of opportunities to give gifts to one another. Yet there remains a real difficulty in sourcing thoughtful and individual presents, which represent more than mere tokens. The antiques offered by Mayfair Gallery are unique pieces. Largely handmade and of exceptional quality, the elegant design of our items is sure to inspire both awe and delight in any recipient.

In the past, Mayfair Gallery has provided gifts to be presented to important Statesmen and Ambassadors, as well as corporate and personal gifts. Items from our collection cater for all tastes and budgets, from grand and expensive works of opulence to more intimate objects of delicacy.

If desired, antiques from our collection can be gift wrapped or boxed to ensure the highest quality of presentation. Since all of our pieces are unique, packaging is made bespoke to house the specific item in question, and as such the delivery times for gift wrapped pieces may vary. Should you be interested in our gift wrapping services, then please enquire below and we will be happy to provide a quotation and an expected delivery date.

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Antique Restoration

The quality of material used to craft fine antiques ensures the works’ longevity. An antique table or desk, for example, may be used today in much the same way that it was 200 years ago, and is likely to still be useable in another 200 years.

If pieces are used over many generations they will inevitability suffer from dirt, wear and occasionally more substantial damage. Yet thanks to the high quality of materials and craftsmanship employed in their original manufacture, fine antiques can be restored to their original splendour.

Mayfair Gallery offers full restoration services for antiques. These include: French polishing; clock repair and servicing; and restoration of ceramics, porcelain, sculpture and paintings. If you have items that require restoration then please enquire below and we will be happy to provide a quotation.

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Consultancy and Interior Design

Mayfair Gallery prides itself on having an outstanding reputation within the field of antiques and Fine Art. Grounded in a thorough knowledge and experience of the international antiques market, Mayfair Gallery offers a professional and confidential consultancy service.

Please enquire below to arrange a complimentary initial consultation for assistance in any of the following areas:

  • - Private sourcing of specific items
  • - Acquisitions and collecting strategy
  • - Disposal of collection
  • - Interior design services

Please note that we do not provide valuation services.

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Product Hire

All antique artworks, furniture and objects listed on the Mayfair Gallery website are available for hire. Whether you require props for a fashion shoot, television series or design show, the Mayfair Gallery is glad to be of assistance. Please enquire below regarding the hire of any pieces of interest, and we will be happy to provide a quotation.

Mayfair Gallery also offers a property styling service for property developers, interior designers and estate agents. All artworks and antique furnishings as listed on the Mayfair Gallery website are available to rent, to help maximise the marketability of properties and entice potential buyers. Rental fees are fully refundable if hired items are later purchased. Please enquire below if this service is of interest.

Please note that Mayfair Gallery can help to arrange the delivery and collection of all hired items.

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Sell your Antiques

Mayfair Gallery is continually looking to source new art and antiques from around world. We would be delighted to hear from you if you have antiques that you are looking to sell. Should you be interested, then please enquire below and include the dimensions and pricing information of the objects in question.

For house clearances, it may be impractical to send photographs of items. Please contact us by email at [email protected] stating ‘House Clearance’ and we will contact you to discuss a viewing, or connecting remotely.

While Mayfair Gallery might not be a suitable match for all items, we are happy to help you find the most appropriate partner for your antiques.

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