Chapu, Henri (French, 1833-1891)

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Henri Chapu was a French sculptor celebrated for his works in the Neoclassical style. 

After moving to Paris as a child, his talent for the arts was discovered during his training at the Petit École, where he was studying to become an interior decorator. Chapu was then admitted to the prestigious École des Beaux-Arts in 1849 where he began working and training under a sculptor. 

He won the Prix de Rome in 1855, and after spending five years furthering his sculptural education in Italy, he returned to France. Chapu is highly acclaimed for his statues of Mercury, completed in 1861, and Joan of Arc, completed in 1870; the latter of which over four full-size reproductions are on display in America. 

Works by Chapu are considered some of the finest of 19th Centy French sculpture, and he is revered for his talent and artistic skill.