Weigele, Henri (French, 1858-1927)

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Henri Weigele (1858-1927) was a well-known German sculptor, who is remembered for his fine figural works in bronze and marble.

Born near the Swiss border, Weigele moved to Paris as a young man to study under the guidance of Jules Franchesi, who had himself been a pupil of François Rude. Soon after completing his studies, Weigele began exhibiting at the Paris Salon, and in 1902 became a member of the Salon des Artistes Français. The sculptor’s works were met with critical acclaim, and Weigele’s skill was rewarded in 1909 when he was awarded a gold medal at the Paris Salon.

Weigele’s figurative works of allegorical and classical subjects remain highly sought after, and can be found in prestigious collections in Paris and Liverpool.