Caucasian floral geometric Seychour long rug


This vibrant Seychour rug combines intricate design, a rich colour palette, and meticulous artistry to infuse any interior with elegance and comfort.


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Intricately designed and wonderfully coloured, this long rug or runner showcases the renowned precision and saturation typical of Seychour rugs.

The rug’s central panel, awash in a muted dark yellow background, instantly sets this carpet apart from similar examples. An inspired arrangement of stylised flowers, derived from the classic rose cabbage motifs, adorns the panel. The pattern is primarily dominated by a rich palette of blues and reds, punctuated by delicate details in white, creating a charming contrast against the yellow background.

Encasing the central panel, four successive borders each exhibit unique patterns of stylised floral motifs, all of them sharing a remarkable geometrical construction, honouring the tradition of diversity in Seychour rug designs. Each border features its own distinct background colour, advancing from the central panel outward in a sequence of mesmerising blue, radiant red, pure white, and deep brown.

The four frames are enriched by intricately patterned friezes that divide them. These thin bands feature sequential patterns, adding an extra layer of charm to the overall design and increasing the rug's visual depth.

The floral motifs sprinkled across the rug are a kaleidoscope of saturated colours, reflecting the hues of the border backgrounds they inhabit. This thoughtful interplay of colours mirrors the richness of nature, amplifying the floral design's authenticity.

With its detailed precision in drawing, design and a beautiful colours, this Seychour long rug is a testament to the meticulous artistry typical of East Caucasus rugs. Its addition to any interior space is sure to provide it with magnificent elegance but also comfort.


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
20th Century
20th Century


338 cm / 133.1 inches
100 cm / 39.4 inches


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