Collection of three large Indian brass chargers


Each charger of a different size, shape and design, this collection is a superb demonstration of Indian craftsmanship.


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Made up of three variously shaped chargers, intricately crafted in brass, this collection is an exceptional demonstration of various brass finishing techniques and Indian craftsmanship. 

The smallest charger is of an oval shape and depicts a central figure sitting atop an animal. Two other figures are depicted on either side of the central figure, shown facing each other and playing a musical instrument. Scenes of battle between a lion and a goat are crafted below and above the central figure. The background and outer borrders are further decorated with rich floral patterns. All motifs have been executed out of piereced brass in low-relief. 

The medium-sized charger is formed as a twelve-sided polygon and is adorned with hammered and dot punched motifs of flowers, geometrical shapes and Indian lettering. The dotted pattern present on a large portion of the charger is formed in the shape of a star and contains a central circular medallion filled with floral imagery. The edges of the charger are raised and include further geometrical motifs. 

The largest brass charger includes a plain central bowl, of scallop form evocative of flowers. It is surrounded by twelve identical oval frames, containing floral patterns executed in low-relief. The patterns extend beyond the frames, filling the spaces in-between and forming a narrow border to the edge of the charger. A rope border surrounds the four individual sections of the piece, simultaneously creating a clear division between them. 

Small: height 2cm, diameter 50cm
Medium: height 2cm, diameter 58cm
Large: height 4cm, diameter 64cm


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
Early 20th Century
Early 20th Century
Gold, Metallic


64 cm / 25.2 inches
64 cm / 25.2 inches


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