Contemporary multi-coloured clay vessel by Onka Allmayer-Beck

By Allmayer-Beck, Onka (Austrian, b. 1979)


Hand-made using a time consuming slab-building technique, the vessel plays with one’s imagination and is an eye-catching, functional sculpture.


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This intriguing clay vessel titled ‘Mini No.264 (Confetti)’ was made by the ceramic artist, costume designer and illustrator, Onka Allmayer- Beck (Austrian, b. 1979) in her studio in Vienna. The piece comes from the artist’s ‘Mini’ series.

Made from clay using a slab-building technique, the vessel is shaped by hands allowing the artist to express herself and make intriguing designs. Once formed, the piece is glazed in several colours and twice fired for 24 hours. The surface is white, with a creative design of multi-coloured ‘confetti’ pattern. Blue, orange, green, red and black speckles decorate the body of this charming home décor piece.

The intricate shape of the vessel is thought-provoking and raises questions about the object’s use. Onka’s pieces are multifunctional and can be anything the owner decides them to be. The function of the piece in Mayfair Gallery’s collection can be for the display of flowers, such as tulips as the shape of the vessel is reminiscent of the traditional tulipiere. It could also be used as a candle holder. The possibilities are endless, and it is up to one’s imagination to decide what they want this vessel to be.

The piece is made up of large central vessel, which is surrounded by a number of smaller spouts. Forming the numerous spouts is a complex technique, making the piece both a work of art as well as a functional piece.

On the underside, the piece is stamped with the maker’s mark.

Before becoming a ceramic artist, Onka Allmayer-Beck studied fashion design at the renowned Central St. Martins University in London and worked for famous fashion labels such as Georgio Armani. In 2016 she began her journey as a ceramicist and since then exhibited her work in various galleries and institutions such as Milan Triennale, the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna and the HDLU in Zagreb.

Of an unusual shape and decorated in a vibrant polychrome pattern, this piece would make a superb addition to the appropriate interior space.


Artist / Maker
By Allmayer-Beck, Onka (Austrian, b. 1979)
Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
21st Century
20th and 21st Century Design, Abstract, Contemporary


20 cm / 7.9 inches
27.5 cm / 10.6 inches
27.5 cm / 10.6 inches


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