English antique carved oak cabinet


Carved from solid oak to depict a plethora of scenes and motifs, the cabinet is an example of superb 19th-century English furniture making.


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The oak cabinet is richly carved with a plethora of scenes and figures. The depictions relate to hunting, archery, and nature.

The furniture piece is topped by an intricately carved oak panel depicting a central figure blowing a horn and holding a spear. Surrounding it are numerous animals, such as deer running from left to right on a rocky path.

Below, a wide frieze includes three square panels with a four-leaf clover frame filled with a shield. Each shield includes a different animal such as a horse and a lion. These are joined by two rectangular panels framed by a geometric border and featuring a similar animal-filled shield, in addition to swords and axes.

The two large doors are masterfully carved to depict nature-inspired scenes. The left door showcases two herons among greenery, one of them eating a fish. A deer standing in front of a large tree is carved on the second door. Both vignettes are surrounded by an arched frame made from two pillars and a repetitive geometric pattern. The doors open to reveal one shelf.

Three male figures separate the two doors and each one is depicted doing a different task. One is holding a shield and spear and is reminiscent of a knight. The central figure is surrounded by a dog and a bird, his head adorned with a crown. The final figure is standing with his back turned towards the observer, with a bow and arch in his hands. All figures are dressed similarly in medieval-style clothing.

Large and decorative metal hinges attach the door to the main oak carcass. The metal locks feature a maker’s mark ‘HARCOURT’.

Carved to depict various medieval-style scenes, this solid oak cabinet is not just a functional piece but also one that tells numerous stories.


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
19th Century
19th Century
Animal / Animalier, Equestrian / Horses, Figurative Art, Hunting
Metal, Oak


179 cm / 70.5 inches
203 cm / 79.9 inches
62 cm / 24.4 inches


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