Equestrian Orientalist oil painting depicting Arabs crossing the desert


Depicting a moment of rest for a group of Arabs on horseback, this tender scene showcases Orientalist art at the turn of the century.


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This cinematic composition draws upon a desirable subject of Orientalist painting, depicting a group of Arabs resting with their horses as the sun sets.

The composition is tightly cropped, allowing the viewer to focus on the repose at hand. On top of a jagged ridge, three figures are depicted; two on horseback with the third on foot glancing behind the group. All three carry weapons, and even in this moment of rest the figures seem to remain alert. The intimate viewpoint combined with the sketched painterly style give a sense of immediacy to the scene, as if the artist has captured a fleeting impression. The horses are a particularly fine addition to this painting, a subject that remains universally admired within the realm of Orientalist art: the mirroring of pose between the right-hand horse and its rider creates a beautifully humane rendering of these animals.  

The rich colour palette of this composition is a clear stand-out feature.  The vibrant red and brown hues of the figures’ robes complement out the soft dusk landscape which surrounds them, and it seems as if the figures have been shrouded in a swathe of evening light. The white detailing throughout the painting, such as in the tail of the horse and the delicate heads of the spears, provide moments of eye-catching contrast which bring the scene to life and speak to the skill of the artist.

The painting is framed in a simple yet elegant gilt and painted wood frame. In the lower left-hand corner, there is an indistinct signature.

As a stunning celebration of the Orientalist genre, this beautiful painting would make a fine addition to the collection of anyone interested in Orientalist art.

Panel size: Height 21cm, width 32cm
Framed size: Height 30cm, width 40cm, depth 3cm


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
Early 20th century
Early 20th Century
Oil on Panel


30 cm / 11.8 inches
40 cm / 15.7 inches
3 cm / 1.2 inches


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