The Fabergé style takes its name from the famous House of Fabergé, a jewellery firm founded in St. Petersburg in 1842 by Gustav Fabergé (1814-1893). Traditionally associated with luxury, the name Fabergé is synonymous with the stunning and high quality jewellery that it produces.

After its opening, the House of Fabergé quickly achieved international fame for its production of jewel encrusted eggs, which were particularly favoured by the Russian Imperial family as masterpieces of the jeweller's art. The first Fabergé egg was made in 1885, and after its immediate success numerous copies and versions of the firm’s pieces were produced all over Russia, and later, Europe.

The term 'Fabergé style' is used to denote smaller, collectable works that have been crafted in the traditional, antique Fabergé way, combining precious materials with high quality craftsmanship to create an object of true luxury. Typical antique objects that exhbit the Fabergé style are photograph frames, cane handles, desk sets and small caskets and boxes, all of which will be of exceptionally quality and made using gold, silver, pearls, enamels, hardstones and precious gems.



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