Fine Persian floral Mina Khani Joshagan rug


This fine Joshagan rug displays the beauty and rich traditions of Central Persian textile artistry through its impressively detailed floral motifs.


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This intricately crafted Joshagan rug hails from the heart of Central Persia, a region renowned for its rich and time-honoured carpet weaving traditions. A stunning specimen of the all-over medallion style, the rug exhibits a level of craftsmanship and detail that is truly awe-inspiring.

The centrepiece of this extraordinary rug is an alluring central panel adorned with the Mina Khani floral lattice pattern. This pattern, a geometrically organised tapestry of stylised floral motifs, is woven with an array of exquisite flowers - rosettes, palmettes, pomegranate flowers, and stylised ottomans, all within the esteemed canons of Persian carpet design. These intricate floral motifs are  rendered in captivating shades of maroon, light blue, red and beige, standing in harmony with the creamy backdrop of the central panel.

Enveloping the central panel is an elaborate border, dominated by a vibrant red backdrop. Complex floral constructions echo the same hues of the flowers in the central panel, interspersed with iconic boteh motifs and the traditional Persian 'gul' motifs - geometrically styled octagonal flowers. This rich tapestry of elements lends the rug a sense of depth and grandeur, beautifully reflecting the multifaceted artistry of Persian design.

Adding depth to this frame are two identical patterned friezes lining it to the exterior and interior, With a deep, dark blue background, they are delicately festooned with charming rosettes, further enhancing the rug's floral theme. The carpet's very exterior border is defined by an outer frieze, populated by small Ottoman flower and leaf motifs against a cream-coloured background.

The finesse of the handweaving technique employed in the creation of this Joshagan rug is evident in every thread, and the extensive detail in its motifs only adds to the rug's profound impression. This carpet, with its alluring aesthetics and meticulous craftsmanship, is a magnificent representation of Persian textile artistry, ready to enrich any space it graces.


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
20th Century
20th Century


218 cm / 85.8 inches
144 cm / 56.7 inches


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