Floral hand-knotted Persian Nain carpet


This exquisite Persian rug, with its characteristic intricate medallion center, dense knotting, and harmonious floral motifs is a prime example of Nain carpet-making.


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This Nain Persian rug is a product of high-quality rug-making expertise and tradition, showing the exceptional wool knotting density traditional of the city’s rugs.

At the center of the rug's design, an elaborately detailed medallion exhibits intricate craftsmanship, setting a grand stage for the symphony of elements that surround it. A myriad of floral and foliage motifs, concentrically arranged and featuring larger palmette designs, brings an ornate complexity to the rug's central panel, demonstrating the extraordinary level of attention paid to even the finest details.

The rug employs an understated sophisticated palette, predominantly composed of nuanced hues of pink and cerise. This colour scheme bestows upon it a unique allure, allowing the rug to illuminate any space with its warmth and inviting nature without overpowering it.

The central panel is surrounded by a substantial frame, adorned with a series of petite friezes. One frieze, larger and more ornate than its counterparts, draws the eye. Its pattern is a harmonious blend of floral motifs, akin to the ones found in the central panel and carefully curated vase designs, each possessing subtle variations that keep its aesthetic interesting.

In essence, this hand-knotted Nain Persian rug is far more than a mere floor covering. It is an artistic statement of serious decor connoisseurs, reflecting a taste for timeless elegance and outstanding craftsmanship.


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
20th Century
20th Century
Persian interest
Cream, Pink, Red


367 cm / 144.5 inches
275 cm / 108.3 inches


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