Israeli Bezalel rug depicting view of Jerusalem

Marvadiah Workshop (Israeli, 1920-1931)


This rug is a very fine example of the work of the Mervadiah workshop from the important and influential Bezalel Art and Design School in Jerusalem.


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Skillfully woven in Jerusalem in the early 20th century, this medium-sized rug is decorated with landscape views in addition to figural motifs and Hebrew writing.

The rug’s central panel depicts distant views of Jerusalem. A tall building is placed among woodland scenery. The panel is framed by a wide border of an intriguing shape and design. Its colours turn paler as the patterns go upward, turning from a deep red to light orange. The rounded top of the border is surmounted by motifs of a Menorah lamp, a traditional Jewish object. Such depictions of traditional Jewish iconography were a popular feature of Marvadiah rugs. On top of the vivid background colours are symmetrical patterns in shades of blue, black, yellow, and red. A further marigold border surrounds it.

The wide outside border is woven with several patterns as well as Hebrew writing. Numerous red and orange shapes are filled with black Hebrew writing and patterns, their sides decorated with geometrical ivory-coloured shapes.

The rug is signed in Hebrew. The signature reads ‘MARVADIAH’ indicating the name of the carpet weaving workshop where it was woven.

Marvadiah (also called Marbediah from the Hebrew word for carpet or Bezalel rugs) was a part of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem, founded in 1906 for Jewish immigrants coming from all around the world. The school aimed to aid in the creation of a national style that took influences from Jewish, Oriental, and European traditions. The design of the Bezalel rugs was often influenced by Oriental weaving art as well as the popular Arts & Crafts and Art Nouveau movements.

The warm colour palette, mixed with an intriguing design and the history of the workshop it was woven in makes this rug a highly collectible floor covering.


Artist / Maker
Marvadiah Workshop (Israeli, 1920-1931)
Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
c. 1920
Early 20th Century
Jewish, Landscape


94 cm / 37 inches
70 cm / 27.6 inches


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