Japonisme silvered bronze and porcelain three-piece clock garniture


Combining both Eastern and Western design features, this stunning clock garniture showcases the late 19th century trend for mixing styles.


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This charming mantel clock garniture was crafted in late 19th century France, its design being inspired by both Western and Eastern cultures.

Modelled as a gong, the clock hangs from a foo dog shaped stretcher. The silvered bronze surround is richly cast with Japonisme patterns, some of them relating to the natural world, such as the delicate flowers on both sides of the timekeeping device. The clock dial is porcelain with a turquoise base surrounded by white and red borders. The Arabic numerals are painted in black on a white background ensuring they are easy to read. Two clock arms are placed on a polychrome circular cartouche with red, yellow, and blue details. The stylised stand includes further Japonisme motifs such as the dragon under the clock. A beautiful rectangular base inset with a porcelain panel painted with a floral composition displays the clock. Surrounding it are patterns painted in a way to simulate the cloisonne enamelling technique. The chocolate ground border is filled with sweet flower designs.

Flanking the mantel clock are two candelabra, both of an identical design. To the front, the central rectangular plaque depicts a putto framed in a deep blue stylised border surrounded by pink flowers. On the reverse, the plaques are painted with a polychrome paisley pattern, typical within Persian design. From the pierced silvered bronze surrounds extend two candelabra with refined candleholders.

Superbly executed and of a very interesting design, this garniture set would make an outstanding addition to both traditional and contemporary interior spaces.

Clock: Height 36cm, width 32cm, depth 17cm 
Candelabra: Height 28cm, width 26cm, depth 10cm


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
Late 19th Century
Late 19th Century
Japanese Interest, Japonisme
Porcelain, Silvered bronze


36 cm / 14.2 inches
32 cm / 12.6 inches
17 cm / 6.7 inches


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