Large antique French Aubusson carpet with flowers and musical instruments


This antique Aubusson carpet, showcasing intricate floral and musical motifs imbues any space with the elegance of Aubusson's time-honoured style.


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This large antique Aubusson carpet is a magnificent piece that beautifully encapsulates the heritage and craftsmanship of Aubusson's renowned weavers.

This carpet's design boasts two concentric ropework frames in the central body - a rectangular outer one, enveloping an inner oval - resulting in an impressive and unique layout. At the heart of the carpet, within the oval frame, lies a captivating floral arrangement. This splendid bouquet features an array of roses, tulips, and other charming smaller flowers, all complemented by verdant foliage. Surrounding this central masterpiece is a delightful floral vine decoration, carefully echoing the shape of the oval frame and adding a soft, organic flow to the design.

Nestled within the corners of the rectangular frame, outside of the oval, are arrangements of musical instruments. These artfully depicted instruments represent triumph, a common theme in Aubusson pieces, and contribute to the overall narrative of the carpet. Each musical vignette is surrounded by additional floral embellishments, creating a harmonious balance between the elements of the composition.

Executed in soft, muted colours, the carpet's palette is soothing and inviting. These subdued hues create an elegant and joyous atmosphere, complementing the soft salmon-pink colour of the carpet's background.

The carpet is framed by an elegant border of closed acanthus leaf design in a harmonious palette, creating a natural boundary that completes the piece. This feature reflects the refined aesthetics and meticulous attention to detail that are the hallmarks of Aubusson creations.

Following the prestigious Aubusson traditions, this carpet embodies centuries of perfected techniques and artistic vision. Its sophisticated composition, delightful floral and musical motifs, and harmonious colour scheme make this carpet a testament to the distinguished artistry of its weavers. An exquisite addition to any space, this carpet transforms a room into an environment of discreet elegance and joie de vivre.


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
c. 1900
Early 20th Century
Multi-coloured, Pink


372 cm / 146.5 inches
264 cm / 103.9 inches


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