Large and fine silk Persian Qum carpet


This Persian carpet from the city of Qum showcases superb craftsmanship with intricate motifs in a harmonious palette of salmon, pink, and cream.


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This exquisite Persian silk Qum carpet is a genuine testament to the unmatched skill and tradition from the city of Qum, renowned globally for its superlative silk rug weavings. This piece boasts a phenomenal knot count, showcasing detailing that is unparalleled in the world of Persian rugs.

The carpet's symmetry radiates from its central medallion, which is majestically anchored by a delicately crafted rosette motif at its core. This central rosette is framed by four evenly placed Shah Abbasi palmette motifs, each pointing outward, creating a harmonious balance of form and design. These core motifs are accentuated further by a dazzling array of small floral designs, all converging in a concentric pattern, adding layers of depth and intricacy to the medallion.

Beyond the central medallion lies an elaborate ensemble of meticulously woven floral motifs, including palmettes and the symbolic boteh, all symmetrically oriented. The fine silk weaving ensures each motif stands out in exceptional detail, crafting an opulent tableau that captures and captivates the observer's gaze. A harmonious palette of salmon, pink, and cream colours the carpet, weaving a labyrinthine tapestry of beauty, making the motifs simultaneously detailed and somehow abstract.

The color harmony extends to the broad border encasing the central panel. Here, palmette, peony, and pomegranate flower motifs mingle seamlessly with several traditional designs. This array of motifs is further enhanced by geometrically constructed friezes on both the inner and outer edges of the border.

In essence, this Persian silk carpet is more than a mere floor covering; it's a manifestation of art and craftsmanship. The blend of intricate detailing, the subtle yet captivating color scheme, and the luxurious quality of the silk weave come together to create a visual feast — a true masterpiece that celebrates the rich heritage of Qum rug-making.


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
20th Century
20th Century


347 cm / 136.6 inches
200 cm / 78.7 inches


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