Large floral Kashan woven wool carpet


This exquisite and large Persian carpet, radiating a vibrant fusion of botanical motifs in striking hues, reflects the rich Kashanian rug-making tradition.


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This beautiful large Persian carpet displays impressive craftsmanship and detail while honouring the tradition of Kashan rug-making.

The carpet is designed in a manner typical to similar carpets from the Iranian city. Its central panel, with a vibrant bright-red background, is luxuriously adorned with a variety of floral and foliage motifs, arranged concentrically, with one lone flower serving as the central point of symmetry.

Amongst the many motifs in the central panel, one can find naturalistic flowers but also stylized ones in the manner traditional to Persian rug making, like rosette and palmettes, which are loosely based on the lotus flower and boteh motifs, a leaflike shape that became known as paisley in Western vocabulary. These motifs are woven in beautiful light shades of pink, off-white, cerise, baby blue, and green, providing the carpet with a very striking look. The detailing of the woven designs is of the highest quality, making this carpet worthy of never-ending inspection.

The central panel is then flanked by a robust frame comprising seven friezes, all of them displaying floral patterns, with the central frieze being the widest, a compositional structure often found in Kashan carpets. The friezes display a myriad of small flower motifs in similar colours to the ones on the central panel, but the widest of the friezes features a navy-blue background which contrasts with the red, strongly framing the carpet.

This traditional Persian carpet is a treat to the eyes at the very first glance, but its incredible detailing invites a prolonged contemplative look. With its impressive size, displaying this carpet in a room is sure to be a captivating way of adding a touch of colour and refinement to it.


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
Early 20th Century
Early 20th Century
Persian interest
Multi-coloured, Red


396 cm / 155.9 inches
293 cm / 115.4 inches


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