Large Hamedan Herati pattern Persian runner


This long runner rug is of typical Hamedan region design, but its remarkably abstract geometrical style and bold shades make it an unusual piece.


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This runner rug is a beautiful example of the rug making traditions and styles of the Persian city and region of Hamedan, featuring its traditional design composition, and exhibiting its tight, dense weaving technique and remarkable robustness.

The rug’ central panel is decorated in traditional fashion with a grid-like tightly woven Herati pattern. This pattern is floral in inspiration and consists of interconnected geometrical constructions. The carpet’s uniqueness lies in the style of the Herati pattern, its borders and shape being relatively undefined and intricately woven leading to an abstract-like appearance, creating an opulent and dynamic look. Following Hamedan carpets’ customs, the pattern is woven in bold shades of blue and ivory which contrast starkly with the bold red background of the central panel.

Framing the rich central panel is a sequence of borders. The first one, showing a pyramid-shaped geometrical frieze. Outer to that, another border features a stylized running water pattern in similar shades to the central panel’s. The outermost border is fashioned in maroon and red against an ivory background and features a pattern inspired by the ancient Persian dragon motif.

This Hamedan runner rug is more than just a decorative piece—it's an investment in timeless artistry and functionality. Its dense weaving technique and robust nature promise durability and longevity, making it an exceptional choice for high-traffic areas in the home like corridors and hallways. The blend of the traditional Herati pattern with its remarkably abstract style ensures that it will stand out and elevate any space's aesthetic. The intricate borders, from the pyramid-shaped designs to the ancient dragon motifs, make it versatile enough to complement both contemporary and traditional decor settings.


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
c. 1950
20th Century


316 cm / 124.4 inches
84 cm / 33.1 inches


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