Large Persian flower motif Isfahan carpet


This large Persian carpet displays the traditions of the Isfahan region carpets, exuding a timeless charm that pays tribute to a centuries-old rug-making tradition.


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This carpet is a remarkable example of the craftsmanship of Isfahan, a region in Iran where rugs have been crafted since the 17th Century, during the Safavid dynasty.

In the tradition of Isfahan carpets, the rug is characterised by its large and intricately silk woven central medallion which consists of many stylised flowers motifs, including delicate daisies, in a wide, complex rosette arrangement, which features spear-shaped architectural designs at its borders. The medallion is mostly woven in navy and light salmon, also featuring details in red and light blue, in the typical fashion of the region’s carpets.

Around the central medallion in a field of ruby, various palmette designs in a Shah Abbasi emerge, arranged concentrically, in tones of blue, leaf-green, and white. Still in the central panel, a rose-like shape frieze design emulates the contouring of the central rosette. The frieze is in the shade of salmon that features in the medallion and contains various little motifs of flowers, foliage, and leaves.

The central panel is flanked in its entirety by a robust frame in shades of ivory and navy, which is subdivided into various patterned friezes, creating an impactful impression of the rug. This frame is, again, designed in the typical manner of Isfahan rugs. The widest of those friezes is made of ‘palmettes’ which feature floral sprays, arranged in a complex pattern, traditionally called Shah Abbasi.

This carpet is not only respectful of tradition, but it also honours it. By employing an exquisite level of craftsmanship to create a centuries-old design, its makers were observing a tradition that is recognised and cherished all over the world.


Country of Origin
Date of Manufacture
20th Century
20th Century
Persian interest
Silk, Wool


340 cm / 133.9 inches
288 cm / 113.4 inches


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